What Are The 5 Main Causes of Teeth Staining?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and been frustrated at the stained teeth smiling back at you? Not only do stained teeth affect your confidence and smile, they also suggest poor oral hygiene. Today at Tooth Booth blog, we want to take you through five of the most common causes of teeth staining so you can begin the journey to a brighter smile!


When it comes to the human body, genetics decide just about everything (thanks, mum and dad!). As well as colour and shape, genetics will decide how susceptible our teeth are to staining. While some people won’t ever have to worry about teeth staining, others will be reading this guide and looking for regular advice.

Unfortunately, some receive imperfecta, amelogenesis, and other hereditary conditions from their genes which affect the outer enamel and cause weakness. In these scenarios, veneers/crowns could be used to both hide the staining and reinforce the teeth.


‘Eat healthily to lose weight’ – we all know this piece of advice, but not many are aware of the effect a diet has on teeth staining. For example, red wine, tea, and coffee can all cause staining. Meanwhile, blueberries, pomegranates, and cherries (though healthy) have strong colouring and can cause problems. Of course, we aren’t saying you should stop eating these types of fruits but it does mean brushing frequently becomes more important; if possible, enjoy foods with strong colours in moderation.


We understand how strange this might sound, but tiny blood vessels and nerves can be found in our teeth’s inner layers. If direct trauma is experienced in this area and these are damaged, a grey staining can be caused by blood accumulation (sounds nasty, right?). Although rarer than our previous causes of teeth staining, it does occur and an internal tooth bleaching is normally the best way to remove the stains. If too severe for bleaching, your specialist may even recommend crowns, porcelain veneers, or another cosmetic restoration procedure.


Wait…medication can cause teeth staining while attempting to make us better? Yes, and the antibiotic ‘tetracycline’ is a good example while the teeth are still developing. Compared to diet and smoking, stains resulting from medication can be extremely difficult to reverse. However, whitening may do the trick for many. When the staining is more serious, again we turn to crowns, veneers, and other cosmetic attempts to hide the stains.


First and foremost, we all know how damaging smoking can be to our health…and this extends to our teeth. With the tar and nicotine inside cigarettes, the teeth will soon boast an unwanted layer of these damaging substances and they’ll start to look yellow. However, it has a double effect because the residue from tobacco reduces your mouth’s defences against tartar and plaque. Suddenly, the gums are inflamed, the teeth are in poor shape.

For smokers, periodontal issues are common so we recommend getting your teeth cleaned regularly. With this, you reduce the chances of suffering from a nasty inflammation (and your teeth will start to look great again!).


There we have it, five common causes of teeth staining. While genetics is something we can’t control, most teeth stains can actually be prevented so long as you take care of your teeth regularly; this means brushing at least twice a day (and don’t forget the flossing!). Additionally, you should have a dental professional look over your teeth every six months. This way, small issues are identified and fixed before they become ‘sleepless night’ issues.

With great care and professional attention, your smile will shine for all to see!

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