We Go the Extra Mile

Our goal at Tooth Booth is for everyone to get a perfect checkup score every time!

We thrive to make your dental appointment easy, fast, painless, of minimal cost, and of high quality.  Our dentists and staff will continue in the search for more efficient techniques and better products to serve you.

Emergency Dental Services

Ouch! You’ve bumped your teeth on a Saturday afternoon, or this lower wisdom tooth of yours is again hurting. No matter what your emergency is, we are there to take care of it, even if it means rescheduling an appointment or working after business hours.  It’s our passion to relieve your pain. We also provide an emergency line for our existing patients, so that we are always there if a sudden toothache comes up during non-business hours.

Preventive Dentistry

Getting a dental filling is annoying, we know. Did you know the frequency of having cavities depends on your DNA, eating habits, and hygiene habits, and that there are many ways to prevent a cavity before it happens? We are here to help. Instead of treating dental problems, Dr. Chiu emphasizes prevention and she is willing to spend extra time chatting with you about geeky dental science. There are also many affordable ways for us to stop the cavity before it needs a filling, such as a fluoride treatment, cavity varnishes, and sealants.


At Tooth Booth, we only offer white fillings that match the shade to your teeth. This doesn’t mean that silver fillings are bad for you! Rather, the advanced bonding technology used by Dr. Angela offers superior aesthetics and health benefits in comparison to the silver fillings. Unlike silver amalgam fillings, white composite fillings do not require aggressive removal of healthy tooth structure. This is why we only work with white fillings.


There are several crown materials to choose from when it comes to fabricating dental crowns. Dr. Angela keeps herself up-to-date in modern advancements of restorative dentistry. She uses the highest quality materials like 3Y Zirconia or Emax porcelain to prepare crowns which not only have a life-like appearance, but also last for a long time.

Wisdom teeth extraction

We perform wisdom teeth extractions in house and while removing a tooth may sound scary, with Dr. Angela, you’re in safe and caring hands. Her number one priority is for you to be as comfortable as possible. At Tooth Booth, we have state-of-the-art 3D scanning to check the site of the wisdom teeth, which allows us to visualize their position and angulation while seeing how close they are to important landmarks. For cases that require a specialist, we will put you in touch with the best oral surgeons in Vancouver.

Root Canal Treatment

Forget those horror stories about root canal treatments!  The root canal treatment is a simple, safe, and painless procedure which simply involves removing the infected pulp from the tooth, followed by cleaning and sealing the canal with an inert material to prevent future infection.  Before starting the procedure, we will make sure you are completely relaxed and pain-free. Hence, root canal treatment at Tooth Booth is as easy as a dental filling. For cases that require a specialist, we will put you in touch with the best endodontists in Vancouver.

All-on-Four denture

Sometimes, dentures can be too unstable or uncomfortable to speak or eat with.  They float around in the mouth as there is no good foundation to grab on to. Do you or your loved ones have a denture that is forever loose? At Tooth Booth, we tighten dentures with all-on-four technology. The denture grabs on to these four mini-implants and sits securely, allowing you to eat and speak without any difficulty. So, are you ready to enjoy a good steak again with the All-on-Four dentures?  Chat with our staff for more information.

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